"Unrestrained"  Oil and Mixed Media  48" x 48"  $6,900

"Approaching the Roar"  was painted as a prototype for "Bringer of Life",

in order to test the viability of constructing the three dimensional tree trunk

and extended branches. The theme is the same, creating a smaller companion piece to the later.

Hear the fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet. Smell the sweet smell of earth and leaves . Feel the cool breezes as they slowly strip the trees of their autumn color.

When I painted this view of leaves blowing in the autumn breeze, I wanted the viewer to see, smell, hear and feel the fall. I wanted the leaves to be blowing right out of the painting. To hold them in place, I needed a wall so I took a 48" x 48" piece of birch plywood and painted it like a wall. Then I mounted my painting, frame and all, on that wall, adding painted shadows and a combination of leaves painted on the surface of the panel and leaves cut from painted tracing paper curling up and away creating a three-dimensional effect.

"From the Bird Blind 2"  Oil  12" x 18" $750

Hiking along the forest trail, I glimpsed a small pond nestled, almost totally hidden from view, behind a shield of thick bushes. Backtracking a few steps, I peered into the thicket and there lay a fairyland-like spot, a spot seeming blessed with secluded splendor.

"Gifts XX - Field of Flowers"  Oil  26" x 38"  $3,000

"In the Moment"  Oil  27" x 24"  $1,950

"Hoover"  Oil  6" x 8" SOLD

"Gifts VIII - Fire and Snow"  Oil  30" x 24"  SOLD

"From the Bird Blind 1"  Oil  12" x 18" $750

"Approaching the Roar"  Oil and Mixed Media  16" x 12"  SOLD

Pyracantha, commonly known at "firethorn" for it's large thorns and firey red to orange berries, was growing outside my front door when the first snow of the season fell. Though it  melted quickly, I was able to capture the glistening drops as they fell, almost as if the fire of the berries melted the snow away.

Growing up in the Southern Arizona desert with a hydrologist as a father I have always had a great awareness and appreciation for the value of water to all forms of life. Now, hiking the eastern trails, I am constantly struck with the impressive quantities of water in mountain streams and rivers, crashing down waterfalls into surging pools and lakes. Here, life in all its forms abounds and thrives. We all depend on water for our very existence and we are drawn to its beauty and soothed by the sound of the gurgling stream, the quiet lapping of waves on the shore, the thunder of the waterfall.

I have broken the borders of this piece with a tree constructed of clay and epoxy putty on a wire armature which towers over a tranquil pool to the blue sky above, creating a shelter and resting place for the animals drawn to the forest pool. As the tree is not restrained by the borders of this piece, neither is the water which trickles out from the painting to go where it will, which is the nature of water.




Peppermint striped flowers are unusual in any place I've ever been and these really struck my eye. They have an energetic vivacity that just makes me feel good when I look at them.

"The Meadow"  Oil  16" x 24"  $1,300

"Bringer of Life"  Oil and Mixed Media  55" x 23"  $7,500

As mid-day heat bakes heads and backs, the gentle forest shade calls the creatures in. There is shelter there, a cool retreat and place to rest and hide.

"Gifts XXI - Peppermint"  Oil  32" x 24" $2,300

"Hidden Treasure"  Oil 6" x 8" SOLD

Fine Art by Roxana Sinex


"Breakfast?"  Oil  6" x 8"  SOLD

"Hoover's Find"  Oil  6" x 8" SOLD


"When I step onto the wilderness trail, pack on my shoulders and boots on my feet, I leave all my troubles and worries behind. I become reinvigorated, refreshed and recharged by the fresh scent of the air, the quiet rustle of the leaves and the birds calling in the distance. My hope is that when you view my paintings you too, step into the scene and share my joy and peacefulness."

Outside our conditioned homes, life is largely defined by the cyclical nature of the seasons creating a repeating rhythm, around which all life revolves. Springtime is characterized by life reawakened from its winter hiding places, springing forth out of shelters and earth to burst into bloom and new life. As humans, we emerge from our conditioned temperature-controlled spaces and breathe in the fresh air and revel in the sunshine. As bluebells fill the boggy mires and a multitude of other wildflowers and small animals scamper through the forest, we revel in the beauty and joy that spring brings.


​"Mother's Day"  Oil  12" x 16"  $675


"Ambition" Oil 5" x 6" $125

"Snowing at the Old Mill"  Oil  20" x 30"  SOLD

As temperatures drop and the leaves turn red, brown and yellow, the small forest animals scurry around in preparation for winter. Who gets the most nuts? The squirrels or the chipmunks? After watching them awhile, I cannot decide. It certainly seems that there are enough acorns for all. 

"Peek-A-Boo!" Oil 6" x 8" $150


As my sister and I were enjoying our lunch next to a gurgling stream along a wilderness trail, this butterfly landed on my hand as I raised it to take a bite of my sandwich. I froze, attempting to memorize its every detail but it quickly fluttered off to a nearby tree where is stayed, posing long enough for me to grab my camera in order to preserve the memory of its graceful beauty.

It is Mother's Day, and as our special treat my sister and I travel to a distant mountain park for a hike. The weather couldn't be more beautiful, warm sunshine, cool breeze and blue skies. Coffee time on the warm boulders with the rushing mountain river filling our ears energizes us for the final stretch to our destination.


A bird blind with benches in a wildlife refuge is a perfect place to have lunch, especially when it presents beautiful forest and river views. As we enjoyed our sandwiches, we had the opportunity to hear and see the protected wildlife along with the permitted fishermen speeding by.

"Gifts XVI - Trillium"  Oil  20" x 30"  $1,800


"Reawakening Rhythms"  Oil and Mixed Media  26" x 32" $5,700


Snow falls on the abandoned boiler house at the old textile mill. Taking water directly from the river that flows under and around this structure, the boilers provided heat for the nineteenth century  mill workers.


"Blessed is the Spot"  Oil  "18" x 12"  $750

Work, stress, pressure and tedium getting to you? Let's run away for a while and go hiking! Replete with mountain views and very different kinds if challenges, the forest calls out to me. So put on your moleskin and boots, grab some water and a pack and let's go! But beware....too many trips filled with exilerating beauty and mental peacefulness can creep into your mind when you are back at the office and you might even find yourself feeling happy and relaxed.

"Gifts XII - Butterfly"  Oil  26" x 38"  $3,000

"Into the Shade"  ​Oil  16" x 18" $975

The cool shady forest suddenly opens up, light pouring into its tree-filled perimeter. Beyond the trees, tall grasses and wildflowers gently sway in the dazzling sunshine.

The strange thing is that neither my sister nor I remember where we were that beautiful summer day. It is as if we were in some imaginary wonderland of alternating cool darkness and warm sunny meadows.

Throughout the seasons, Zippy and Hoover keep busy, providing us with both smiles and aggravation with their crazy antics as they pursue their never ending quest for food.


Occasionally, when hiking through the cool, dark forest, you may sometimes see a brightness ahead. If you approach quietly enough it is sometimes possible to to see, in the brightness of the meadow, a glimpse of the life that populates the sun-filled grassy expanse and shaded periphery when no human is present.  

"Take a Hike!"  Oil and Mixed Media  32" x 39"  $7,500


"Zippy, UP!" Oil 6" x 8" $150





"Going Nuts" Oil and Mixed Media  27"x  30.5" $5,700

Wildflowers and rolling meadows draw me in and up over the ridge and to whatever lies beyond. I run and run, feeling the warm sun and cool breeze,  never tiring, just for the joy of it.

April ushers in Spring, reawakening the world with sunshine and blossoms bursting forth from gardens, forests, meadows and glens. As bluebells fill the boggy lower lands, trillium burst forth from the higher, rockier valleys and vistas.