Long ago, indigenous people occasionally dammed streams in order to create lakes which would attract animals for hunting. Many years later, this lake and surrounding land was purchased by my great aunt, where she and my uncle became involved in breeding and training  some of this country's first seeing-eye dogs. As is the nature of lakes, the lake slowly filled with plants and sediment. Dredging permits were obtained and all was ready to go, but who would take the dirt? After eighteen months of searching, we found the old stone boathouse and bridge beyond at the perimeter of a beautiful meadow with a lovely, healthy stream running across it.

"At Home with Bill and Helen"   Oil  26" x 32" SOLD

It was Thanksgiving Day and all the adults were rushing around preparing the dinner, playing board games and generally enjoying the holiday. But no one was paying particular attention to the only child present. A age three, she was too young to play the game that her daddy and grandpa were enjoying and totally underfoot in the small busy kitchen. Grandma, noticing that she was missing from the hustle and bustle, found her under the table, obviously suffering from no one paying attention to her. A little game of "I'm going to take your picture" cured that little pout in a hurry!


A portrait can also describe an experience or special vacation. It helps us keep our memories fresh and helps us recall the feelings that we had when we were there.


"On Target"  Oil and Mixed Media  26" x 32"  $5,700

"Gone Away Lake"  Oil   13" x 22"  $1,000




Many portraits show a loved one in the context of their life and what they love the most. Whether it is their work, their hobbies or just depicting their character, it helps us to remember that person as an individual, what they are like and how it is to be around them.

Playing is a part of any healthy childhood and remembering how to play is a part of adulthood too often forgotten or ignored. Play can be part of our learning process but it also releases energies allowing us to forget the seriousness of our condition and just relax and have fun.

12" x 12" Portraits form a flexible array which can be put together in various patterns and arrangements showing family trees and relationships. Marriages and new children can be easily be added so that family portraits can expand to accommodate everybody.

"A portrait is so much more than a picture of someone. It is an expression of great affection for someone dearly loved.  Properly done, it goes way beyond a simple image, showing the character and personality of the subject. In addition, it has a permanence that is capable of enduring  for centuries, enabling future viewers to remember your loved one for generations to come."

Fine Art by Roxana Sinex

When a young person grows up and reaches maturity, it is often very difficult for them to define their direction and goals. It takes a degree of self examination and evaluation to determine what they want to do and where they want to be in life. Once a person is able to determine what their target goal is, it is much easier to accomplish it.

I based this painting on a photograph that a seven-year-old friend of mine shot of her mother on a vacation of theirs. The image, with the backlit hair blowing in the wind, intrigued me so I took some artistic licsence, extending the mood of the storm and created this portrait.

"Three"  Oil 10" x 14" SOLD


"Just For Fun"  Oil and Mixed Media  32"x 39"  $7,500

"More?"  Oil  15" x 18" SOLD

"Storm"  Oil  11" x 22" $850